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Highlight for Album: N2ARC Station Renovation Project
N2ARC Station Renovation Project
On August 9, 2008, members of the Delaware Valley Radio Association, the NJQRP Club, and the David Sarnoff Radio Club converged on the Central NJ Chapter of the American Red Cross for a work party to reroute the coaxial cables from our tower/antennas to the new location for the N2ARC emergency communications center. Thanks to all who came out to help!

Gary K2GW, Tim K1TFR, Tom NU2I, Hy AB2VG, Christian AB2SN, Nick K2JMK, Vojtech AB2ZA, Brian N2MPM, Gerry N2GJ

On November 15, 2008, my son, Curtis, and my 90 year old father-in-law (Connie, N2ATJ's father, Phil Wesp) and I worked about 5 hours to install the structure you see in these photos. On Saturday, November 22, Gary K2GW, Brian N2MPM, Norberto NY8N and myself spent more than 3 hours reassembling the station and got almost everything working again. We also inventoried the new equipment for the "ERV/Van Go-kit" and the "Shelter Go-kit." Some additional photos were taken on 11/28/08.

An Open House, sponsored by the DVRA, was held on Saturday, Dec. 13, 2008.

Click on thumbnails to see larger size pictures....(all photos by Gerry Jurrens N2GJ, c. 2008)

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Highlight for Album: Flight of the Raptors
Flight of the Raptors

Photos from Flight of the Raptors program on Sat. Oct. 21 at the Delaware & Raritan Canal Park in Kingston, NJ. This program was co-hosted by the D&R Park folks and Friends of Princeton Nursery Lands.

For more information on Jennifer Pena, you can visit her web site:

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Highlight for Album: SPHS 66 - 40th Reunion
SPHS 66 - 40th Reunion

St. Peter's High School Class of 1966 40th Reunion at the Breaker's in Spring Lake, NJ on Saturday, November 25, 2006.

Feel free to add comments (especially Who's Who?!)


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Highlight for Album: The Pond Project
The Pond Project

2006 Pond Project - This was the year we finally put in our long-awaited pond...Connie ALWAYS wanted a little, in 2007, we are enjoying the pond, along with our new patio, and hope to have many friends over to share our joy!

Recently (June 2007) we introduced about 20 small common goldfish to the pond. After about a week or so, about 5 of the 12 cent fish had died. I theorize they might have suffered from thermal shock, going from the pet store to the outdoors. Since then, none of the remaining fish have died. They even seem to be growing larger!

Stay tuned!

Visit Baumley Nursery at:

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Highlight for Album: NASCAR Charlotte 10/07
NASCAR Charlotte 10/07

Connie and I traveled to Charlotte, NC, to stay with our friends and take in the NASCAR race on Saturday night. On Friday we visited Hendrick Motorsports. We were invited to the Lowe's hospitality tent where we saw Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Rick Hendrick. We had a great time visiting with our friends!

By the way, Jeff Gordon won - his second win in 6 days. I was rooting for Martin Truex, Jr., who finished 17th.

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